A bit about us

At Complete Wellness Therapies, we provide a range of alternative therapies to support your journey to optimal health and wellness.

About Complete Wellness Therapies (Natalie) FHT, CNHC

I’m Natalie, founder of Complete Wellness Therapies in Lisburn.

My journey toward complementary therapies started when a close family member struggled with fertility problems. This caused huge physical, mental and emotional strain. Together, we tried to find help, but there just wasn’t enough support out there. So I trained and specialised in fertility & pregnancy reflexology, massage and energy work. Soon I discovered I could help both men, women and children with my treatments for an all round service.

The Wellness Centre

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness and am constantly trying to find solutions to help people deal with health concerns.

I created the centre to be able to help heal and relieve the stress and everyday aches, pains and worries and become a place people would come to for respite and rejuvenation.

I hope you will find The Wellness Centre a beautiful and peaceful space to relax and rejuvenate.

Our Services

Today The Wellness Centre hosts a team of experienced and highly qualified holistic practitioners from across County Antrim.

We are able to offer women and their families a wide range of treatments including, Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Acupunture, Hypnotherapy, Beauty therapy & counselling.

Together our team provide a complete wellness service for you. Ready to support whatever stage you are at in your life.

Our Vision

Helping you live
your best life

Emotional and
mental wellness

Giving you back

Feel held, heard
and empowered

Our Treatment Rooms

Complete Wellness Therapies is located on Bridge Street in Lisburn, County Antrim.
We are located on the 1st and second floor and have 5 intimate calming treatment rooms and relaxation space for you to wait for your treatment.

Start your journey back to wellness